Recent Transactions

1. $700,000 Purchase Bridge loan for fix and flip SFR, Encino, CA. 2. $156,000 AITD wrapping a $45,000 first trust deed for land development, Topanga, CA. 3. $110,000 refinance  first trust deed land loan for site development, Chatsworth, CA. 4.$457,000 Purchase bridge loan for fix and flip, Oakland, CA. 5. $75,000 first trust deed loan to get SFR out of foreclosure, Soledad, CA. 6. $250,000 cash-out refinance of duplex to upgrade property, Pasadena, CA. 7. $77,000 4th TD on Santa Ynez 93460. The first is a $190,000 institutional loan, I have the second of $166,000, and the third is a $75,000 line of credit. A conservative desk appraisal is $1,800,000; no formal appraisal was obtained.